Kedron Residence Property Style

We were engaged with Richardson and Wrench Windsor to perfect this Kedron Residence with our styling services!

Property Styling Kedron

The Project: Kedron House

Property Stylist: Revy Bryce-Browning, Design Vision. Email Revy here.

Styling: … styling

Photos: Richardson and Wrench  Real Estate, Windsor

Our Property Styling Services

We had some very happy clients with the transformation of the house on 117 Kitchener Road, Kedron. 

Our Approach

  • We chose a neutral and pastel blue scheme throughout the property.

This is because we wanted to highlight the old cornices and white features on the architecture.

Choosing this colour scheme also created a flow, blending seamlessly with the timber floors of the property.

Take a look at the results yourself.

Kedron Residence Property Style

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