Property Styling Clayfield

Design Vision were engaged by Ray White New Farm for a property styling Clayfield project. Take a look at the results for yourself!

Residential Property Styling Brisbane

The Project: Clayfield Residence

Property Stylist: Revy Bryce-Browning, Design Vision. Email Revy here.

Styling: Part Style – when we use client’s antiques and mix them with our own pieces

Client Testimonial:

Thank you Revy – we are delighted with your work. The house is so transformed! – Marie

The Brief

Ray White New Farm is a regular client of Design Vision and know the high standard of ‘part styles’ we produce. We were chuffed to be considered for this Clayfield Residence project and absolutely delighted with the outcome.

What is a ‘part style’?

A ‘part style’ is when we use clients antiques and mix them with our pieces. This is harder to do as it requires a lot more design thought to successfully blend old and new pieces.

Filling a house with all new furniture is easy – matching new pieces to a clients existing furniture is the tricky part!

Our Property Styling Services

The Clayfield residence property styling project involved a house full of antique furniture and it required our 360 degree styling service, not just furniture hire.

In this case, the client needed help with the mammoth task of de-cluttering a house the owners had been living in for 20 years.

Design Vision provided a list early on advising which items to keep to be re-used for the property styling project, and which items could be put into storage.

Our Approach

  • The architecture and alfresco living was to be the focus, not the antique furniture.
  • The house is an 80s modernist design with a fabulous resort feel with concrete rendered walls that we wanted to show off.
  • Design Vision always use a three colour palette as one for property styling so the house feels bigger and appears united from each doorway.

Here at Design Vision, our approach depends on your objective.

As were engaged to help get this Clayfield property ready for sale, it was important to create a united feel from the front door throughout the entire home. In contrast, if we were designing the house for the owners it would be very different. For example, we might opt for different colours for each bedroom to suit individual personalities.

Property Styling Clayfield

Would you like assistance with one of your own property styling projects? We’re based locally in Brisbane and we’d love to hear from you!

To request a detailed company profile or discuss your requirements, please contact Revy Bryce-Browning at Design Vision on (07) 3256 9672, mobile 0402 382 455 or via email


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