New Farm Charm Property Style

The Project: House for Sale Part Styling Project

Suburb: New Farm

Property Stylist: Revy Bryce-Browning, Design Vision. Email Revy here.

Agent: Brett Greensill McGrath New Farm

Our Approach

This beautiful old lady of a home deserved special treatment . Coming into a home like this with an owner of 30years requires our VIP TLC service. Items have been acquired over the years so we go gently and explain the process to our client – and even have the client help use with this to help them feel more comfortable . This is the type of home we do best as interior designers we know how to mix old and new   . It is more challenging than stripping a home and starting again – as it requires the selection of the exact stock to match the existing furniture.

Firstly ..We need the home to look like it belongs to the new owner not the present owner so we rearranged artwork and made the interior more cohesive and less cluttered . We carefully decluttered shelves , and extracted family photos to depersonalise the space but at the same time keep the original authenticity of the historical home alive.

So this was a Part styling project retaining some of the clients furniture and some of our stock . We freshened up the home by adding a lot of white linen , and lighter living room setting ,replacing heavy black furniture . We want to show off the lovely architectural details not the furniture we want to blend into the walls .We even style the home in the era it once entertained in 1910 – with its gin and tonic on the long verandah so the potential owner can see themselves sitting in that chair.

We love the perfect result as does our dear old lady who owns it .

New Farm Charm Property Style

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